about us

"Makhmadim" derives its name from the ancient Hebrew term for "beautiful things." We specialize in reconfiguring, distorting, or blending existing layouts and archetypes of specific garments to create pieces that are beautiful at first glance and exciting upon closer inspection.

Drawing inspiration from both workwear and formal attire, Makhmadim primarily focuses on everyday clothing. While these garments maintain a casual aesthetic, they still manage to bewilder and surprise with reinterpreted functionality and clever construction.

 Satisfying Needs in More Desirable Ways:

Every product we sell fulfills a need. To ensure this need is satisfied for the longest possible duration and exceeds our customers' expectations, we meticulously refine every aspect of our garments. Our aim is to counter consumerism and provide an enduring experience that goes beyond a simple purchase.


In our pursuit of environmental responsibility, we prioritize local sourcing of materials and production. Our rivets are crafted in Germany, we source deadstock fabrics from Italy, Germany and Japan and our production sites are located in Europe. This strategic approach allows us to keep our supply chain close to our base in Berlin. We are committed to utilizing durable, high-quality fabrics for our garments, ensuring they outlast not only trends but also the lifespan of your favorite pair of jeans.